Can you carry 2 putters in your golf bag?

If the gap is discovered between the two-hole game, no penalty will be applied on the next hole. So if you notice an extra putter in your bag between the first green and the second tee, you will only incur a two-stroke penalty in the game for strokes, or the score will be adjusted on one hole in the game per game. Yes, the putter counts towards the total limit of 14 clubs that are allowed in a golf bag. The USGA considers a putter to be the same as any other club you have in a golf bag, so it contributes to the total count.

Open without a driver, so Adam Scott's theory of carrying two putters is not groundbreaking. That theory would be easier to understand if Scott actually used both putters. Although he has had the best intentions of using a standard length putter, he has only hit it twice in the competition, both putts coming on the same green during the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. In a nutshell, he has putted so well with his regular broom-handled putter, there has been no need to alternate.

The Northern Trust Full Course Scores Actually, Scott admitted that he did consider switching to the shorter model after the first four holes on Friday. Adam Scott, his first Match Play outing since '17, made the most of the comeback with a 3-2 win over Jordan Spieth on Friday. Adam Scott hit two in the water off the tee at No. If only the horn had sounded a little earlier.

Scott put great value on accuracy, sacrificing length for a better chance of avoiding the rough, which this year is thicker and more twisted. Instant access to the latest news, videos and photos from around the world of golf. Easily book departure times on the go. If having 2 putters in the bag works, there is an underlying problem.

It could be mental, it could be related to the punches, it could be a wacky combination of the two, but it's not the putter. The rules of the golf team are a set of guidelines established by the Royal %26 Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R%26A) and the United Golf Association (USGA). You can have driving irons, hybrid sticks, fairway woods, wedges, putters, all in variable quantities for a total of 14 clubs in the bag. There are no restrictions on the type of clubs you carry; for example, you can carry several putters, several drivers or some clubs for left-handed and some for right-handed people.

Jeremy Ellwood, from Golf Monthly, discusses some of the essential rules of golf equipment that govern clubs used on the course with Shona McRae from The R%26A. However, you may be wondering about restrictions on how much you can carry in your bag. I did some research to find out exactly how many putters you can have in your golf bag. He is a senior panelist for Golf Monthly's Top 100 UK %26 Ireland Course Rankings and has played all of the Top 100 plus 89 of the Next 100.

It's highly unlikely that a different putter will change your stroke enough to ensure you take a place in the bag. Although it is not advisable, you are totally allowed to have 14 putters in your bag if you wish. It was reported on the CBS broadcast that Scott uses different types of putters, each suitable for a short putter and a long putter. In addition to the woods (driver, iron 3-9 and casting wedge 2-3), there can be three putters (driver, rear stick and 5 wooden sticks).

According to USGA and R%26A rules, you can have two putters in your bag when you play a round of professional golf as long as the total number does not exceed 14.Your bag will contain three types of woods (conductors, three- or five-foot trees, putters and mallets) and a pair of irons, ranging in distances from nine to nine feet long (3-9 iron, casting wedge).