Do I need 14 sticks?

We all know that 14 clubs is the most anyone can carry during a round of golf. There is no limit to the minimum number of clubs, but 14 is the maximum. There are reasons for only 14 clubs, however, that would be an issue that would lead us to the rabbit hole. Knowing how to distribute the type of clubs you are carrying is determined by your game.

In an ideal world, you would start each round of golf with at least 20 clubs. I would be content with the fact that I have all the meters covered and then, most likely, I would be confused on every shot. The driver's operation is very simple. Usually, this is the club that is used for the tee off because it allows the golfer to hit the ball over a long distance.

Sometimes it can be used on the street, but it is very rare. Wood 3 is used on the fairway (the very cut area of the field that lies between a tee and a green) and allows the ball to stay lower and travel further. Usually, the use of this stick helps accuracy. You can use this stick to play.

Wood 5 has a higher loft than wood 3.Remember, the attic is what helps determine the angle and trajectory of the shot. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the larger the club number, the larger the loft and the shorter the club shaft. Wood 5 is normally used in the second stroke of play, hitting the ball from the street. The function of the putter is to put the golf ball in the hole.

This stick is used on the green (the area of the course where the flagstick and the hole are located). Once the ball is close enough to the hole that you don't have to hit it completely with a club, you'll use the putter. If you've ever played mini golf, sometimes called “putt-putt”, these are the clubs you use on the mini course. They are designed to offer a smooth shot that normally rolls the ball directly into the hole.

The term “hybrid” simply means a cross between two things. With the hybrid club, you get a combination of a wooden golf head design with an iron length rod. Some golfers use a 4-wood hybrid instead of a 4-wood hybrid. Most hybrids match with their wooden or iron counterpart, but the most important thing is to look for the club loft.

The hybrid will be easier to hit and works well in terms of distance and accuracy. There is no rule stating which clubs to have in a set of 14 clubs. While 14 clubs is the maximum, you can carry as few as you want. If you're like me, maybe you'd better get rid of a couple of sticks that you never use in favor of another wedge with a different bounce angle or a blender iron for shots from the hardpan and desert rocks.

As long as you're in the novice stage as a golfer, you don't really need a full set of 14 clubs (the maximum allowed by the rules). In fact, it is better to reduce that number nine or ten, which will make it easier to select clubs on the field and increase the quality of their practice.