Do you really need all the golf clubs?

To answer the question posed in the title, we have a very simple answer: beginner golfers must carry 14 clubs, which is the maximum allowed by the rules. I would suggest that 14 clubs is a good selection because I try to emulate the same swing at all distances. Having 14 clubs allows me to do so. As for adjusting my swing according to a specific club, that is for special distances.

Overall, I use all my 14 clubs and I find that my game is better for it. I like your perspective on the number of clubs we can carry. A driver, an iron preferably a 6 or 7 iron, a wedge and a putter. That's if you want to go as minimalist as possible, but because you're a beginner, playing with a set like that might not make it pleasant for you.

Go to a course and see if they offer rental games. There is no obligation to buy a whole expensive set and they usually offer them cheap. The next time you go to the country, leave at home the 60-degree Gap wedge, four iron, three hybrid and three wooden. Try playing with driver, five wood, four or five hybrids, six wedges, sand wedge and putter.

That's 10 sticks and probably even more than you really need. For medium to high handicap golfers, it is not recommended to have a 2 iron in the bag. A 2 iron is the most difficult club to hit and that is why you would be better off with a 5 wood or a hybrid 3.If you have fun and decide to become a committed golfer, you can upgrade to a better and more complete set of clubs later on. I've always had a hard time hitting these irons, so I asked a golf coach in my area if I really should have them in my bag.

Imagine that your golf bag has to carry 14 golf clubs, balls, rain clothes for you and enough water and snacks for when you are on the course. Having custom golf clubs will not only improve your game, but there is something to be said about having equipment that looks familiar to you every time you pick it up. What happens here is that you have to find the time to practice practice to develop the skills needed to run your One Shot, as is the case in the golf game. You have already learned that your club set must include 14 clubs, which is the limit imposed by the rules of golf.

If you want to start with a full set, there is nothing wrong with that, and most people who decide to become golfers choose a complete set of clubs, whether new or used. The advent of hybrids has made it much easier for the average golfer to find a club that carries more than 150 yards and that flies higher than a lower iron. Do not confuse my suggestions with anything but reflections, however, if players demanded this type of golf game, manufacturers would comply. For now, focus on creating a logical set for a beginner player: you can always choose clubs designed for more advanced golfers later on.

However, I think it's good practice that even highly skilled golfers play with fewer clubs sometimes. Nowadays, even experienced and expert golfers often use hybrid clubs instead of long irons, which are notoriously difficult to hit well. As you can see, there are several good reasons to leave some of those extra clubs in the garage the next time you go out and play a round of golf with your friends. Golf is a great game to practice as a hobby, as it allows you to spend time outdoors with friends while enjoying a casual competition.

Having custom golf clubs is important for most golfers, as they improve their games by up to five strokes per round and make longer, more accurate shots. So there you have it, staging the number of clubs in your bag to match your skill will go a long way towards being a better golfer. .