What is a 3-club fight?

We are going to play several rounds, one of which will be a 3-suit fight (that is, a fight in which you are only allowed to take 3 clubs with you to the field). In our three-club challenge, you just have to select three clubs to take to the field and play your round. Do you put the putter on? A key strategy is approach shots and distances for three moves. At many golf clubs across the UK, variations of the three club challenge take place at some point during the season.

However, the three clubs you use for this challenge can vary greatly depending on your playing preferences and what your handicap is. Historically, the putter has been by far the best club in my bag, and therefore I would rather not go to any golf battle without what I consider my number one asset, as I would feel that the shots I could win by continuing to make with a trusted friend would outweigh the shots thrown elsewhere through not having the right club for shooting in the hand. The person who did not receive the shot picks up their ball and moves it into a stick at the selected location. So we put a poser on them: which clubs would you select for a three-club competition? To make things more interesting, we stressed that they would only be allowed three clubs, our three-club challenge was exactly that, it wasn't one of those three-club competitions plus a putter.

Then I would go for a 9-iron, which, in addition to the full 120-140 yard shots, would also make a good chipping stick; I already use it quite often on longer chips. The other team members pick up their balls and place them within the club length (no closer to the hole) of the marked spot. I have trouble not swinging full force most of the time, so club selection on shots is extremely important to me. The club's selection would be to have a good putter, the best bunker player (just in case) and the rest for the distances in the par 3s.

I think you would have problems with the pilot because you can't use the stick off the street or rough for the longer shots, you would also have much more control with a hybrid. I opted for a driver — I'm not the best hitter and I need all the help I can get — and an iron of 7, versatile and easily my favorite club in the bag. Play with a teammate, 3 clubs each, you can't use the teammate's clubs and the putter counts as 1 of 3 if you choose to bring. I always thought that what I lose when I put with my SW is minimal (two or three strokes on mid-distance putts, at most), probably less than I could lose by being forced to make a shot on which I don't have a club that is remotely close to the appropriate.