What sticks do most people carry?

Most golfers wear at least one iron of 7, 8, 9 and a casting wedge. In total, 54 percent of golfers agreed that the putter is the most important club you need to have in the bag to lower your scores. Many golf professionals believe that a high handicap should not put a driver in his golf bag. I don't believe in this theory.

Most high handicaps are on a quest to become medium handicapped; eventually, they will have to learn how to free a pilot and hit him straight down the street. Keeping it out of the bag does not allow it. Yes, a high handicap needs to learn how to hit a driver. At first, if the higher handicap feels more comfortable playing golf with a street club, that's totally acceptable.

However, when they return to the driving range, the driver must get out of the bag and work on it. A golf driver is one of those clubs that can make you lose or make you fail. Spending the time needed to improve on hitting a driver will pay off. Not all golfers prefer to carry a lob wedge in their bag.

If your chipping and pitching fundamentals aren't that good, then you should probably use the sand wedge and the pitching wedge for your shots around the green. These clubs are going to be the ones that help them score and the ones that make the difference on the scoreboard in case they get into any trouble. Ultimately, you may need to experiment a little with each club style to determine which type works best for you and your golf game. There are players who hit irons better than woods and vice versa, so your experience should tell you that you should have more than one style of club on another in your golf bag.

The players get nervous because they are going to hit these clubs far above the green and cause more trouble for themselves. While many people prefer to stay with their street woods, adding one or two hybrids to your golf bag only improves your game and helps you get out of tight spots that are too much for street woods. On the other hand, the street club is designed to help you get longer shots closer to the green when you still have some distance to go. Your golf skills, including your weaknesses and strengths, are what should determine the type of clubs you're carrying.

When you first pick up a hybrid stick, you'll notice that it works a bit like an iron and a bit like a wood. While the PGA rule is very specific, you can have up to 14 golf clubs in your golf bag at a time. The hybrid stick should be considered as a stick that combines the best characteristics of irons and woods. Your experience, your golf skills and the way you swing the club will also influence the performance of those golf clubs for you.

Keep reading to learn more about the best clubs on the market and how to choose the best clubs for your bag. If you're not sure which clubs will work best for you, feel free to talk to other players on the course and find out what they have to say about the best rangefinder for golf, which club works best for your short game, and whether hybrids are worth the higher price. Whether it means carrying three or four wedges, your taller clubs should give you versatility across the board. Which is a shame, because often the best way to get the best out of a specific club is to complement it with astute selections around it.