What sticks do you need for a complete set?

A complete set of golf clubs consists of irons, putters, wedges, fairy woods and hybrids. Is he confusing you already? Maybe, at first. We were puzzled by all these names and parts.

In the past, the construction of a set of golf clubs was quite predictable.

The player would have a driver, three woods, maybe five woods and a long list of irons.

Almost every golfer would have a set of irons that included at least one iron of three at the long end of the range, and many players would even have an iron of two. Nowadays, two irons are practically unheard of, and even the three irons are an endangered species. The driver is still a constant at the top of the list, of course, but there is a lot of variety as you progress through the set. This set of clubs would allow a golfer a wide range of options to face a wide range of obstacles, but you would have to rely on advanced skills to use each of them to the fullest.

When talking about essential golf clubs, these are the clubs that, regardless of the golfer's level, skills or preferences, should be included in the golf bag. Once you get deeper into this game, you'll discover that it would be easier to score low if you were allowed an unlimited number of clubs. If you have just taken a look at the golf market, you must have been surprised by the price range that golf clubs sell. The maximum number of clubs allowed on the golf course does not match the number of clubs considered to be part of a set.

In addition, it can be used on holes where the fairway is narrow and you may have trouble hitting the target with your longest club. With this price per club, your set can quickly get expensive, considering how many clubs are in a standard set. Beginning golfers usually start with the largest driver club heads allowed to easily reach the sweet spot. Many golfers love it for chipping purposes, it is often used for short approach shots and is obviously the club to go to when you need to get out of a sand trap.

Nowadays, most golfers prefer 7 and 9 woods in their bag (which can only have fourteen clubs) than a 2 or 4 wood. The task of building a good set of clubs is one of the many important tasks you must complete as a beginner golfer. This is a stick that is useful for throwing basic chip and pitch shots, as well as shooting approach shots from the street. The clubs that land firmly in the “must have” category are a driver, a putter and at least a pair of wedges.

You are allowed to start a round of golf with 14 clubs and cannot replace any of those clubs during the round, unless one breaks during the course of the game.