Which clubs go in a 14-hole golf bag?

The casting wedge, the separation wedge, the sand wedge and the lob wedge are all golf wedges. In general, you should organize your golf clubs from left to right. Place the longer sticks on the back of the bag, specifically near the straps. With your clubs arranged in front of you by length, start ordering them in your 14-slot golf bag.

The best way to organize these clubs, although people develop other methods for personal preference, is to set them by length. Start at the back, with your longest stick. Let's say your 3-wood or driver. Then, as mentioned above, place the sticks in descending order.

Now, in case you decide to place the driver or the larger wood in the lower or central slot, you are only making it harder every time you want to remove the other sticks placed around it. Not only will you want to get all your clubs out, but you'll also need to remove your gear and accessories. At this time, you can clean the sticks, clean the entire bag and get ready for the next round of play. The best thing about organizing golf clubs in a bag is ensuring that all the essentials are taken into account.

Although the concept behind the 14-way is solid, it is very annoying to put sticks in and out of their individual compartments. First of all, the poor disposition of your golf bag with 14 compartments causes delays and slow access to clubs and other accessories. You'll have a space for each of your clubs, so make sure they're placed in loft order, with the lowest clubs at the top of the bag and the lowest clubs at the bottom. The additional slot is an excellent place to put your umbrella, weight trainer or golf ball retriever.

When attaching a putter to the golf bag, you should pay attention to the exact place where you would like to store it. As most PGA Tour caddies will tell you, carrying a heavy bag of clubs around can hurt your back, and for that reason alone, I advise you to buy a bag that has extra padding and support that distributes the weight between both shoulders. With a 14-slot golf bag, each of your clubs has its own space and can avoid touching the other clubs around them. These are two necessities that you should always have with you in your round to keep your clubs clean if you play on hard terrain or sand.

Even something as small as having your golf clubs organized can help you save a few seconds on each hole and make your time on the course much shorter. Things are already quite arranged in golf bags, and there is nothing right or wrong about it, that's what I feel initially. But when you organize your golf clubs, especially in ascending (upward) order, things like tees and balls can be placed very accessible in separate pockets.