Which golf club is there to curb your enthusiasm?

Riviera Country Club is located in Pacific Palisades, California, and hosts the Genesis Invitational, which Adam Scott won in February. The caddies of the Riviera Country Club have a guardian angel Larry David (only curmudgeonly). The next day, Larry inadvertently kills a black swan on the golf course. The swan turns out to belong to the owner of the golf club, Mr.

Larry insists that no one should say a word about it if asked. He offers Andy David to pay for his daughter's college education, and Andy takes advantage of this and asks Larry to pay for his wife's education as well. At Norm's funeral, Larry accidentally annoys a bricklayer while talking about him behind his back with Marty Funkhouser regarding a comment he made about one of Larry's favorite baseball players. As revenge, the bricklayer writes that Larry is a swan killer on his mother's tombstone, so Mr.

If you need any clues to the history of the Riviera Country Club, the surrounding geography should help. Whether he faces expulsion from a country club for not cleaning his locker or going into exile for precipitating the death of a slow player, the star's passion for golf never falters. The fact that the club is in Los Angeles is one thing, but Sunset Boulevard is one block north and Pacific Pallisades is located between the course and the Pacific Ocean. THERE WAS A LITTLE BIT OF GOLF SCATTERED ALL OVER SEINFELD, BUT NOTHING LIKE THE AMOUNT IN CURB EPISODES.

Already in 1927 he replaced Oakmont in the silent film Spring Fever, a comedy about golf starring the great Joan Crawford. I'd rather be out of that club with my wood 5 than in without it,” Larry explains, and I have to agree with him. Norm is the slow resident of the club and Larry's team sees him sitting down for breakfast at the same time. When his new neighbor sees clubs in his trunk after a run-in in the grocery store parking lot, he informs Larry that he trains people in his backyard and extends the offer to Larry.

Hell, if I had a job that allowed me to convince golfers to stay home so I could have the course to myself, I would. It was a dizzy period of time, when Walt Disney was a member, when Errol Flynn was arrested for trying to seduce a married woman in the clubhouse, and when the inmate Greta Garbo was wandering the countryside at night from her house next to the perimeter of the course. The Hollywood Reporter currently called Riviera the home of the Genesis Invitational golf tournament and is preparing to host the golf events of the 2028 Olympic Games, but a voice recording says the private club is heeding orders from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Governor. We invited Larry David and his good friend Bill Scheft (editor of David Letterman and nephew of legendary golf writer Herbert Warren Wind) for a round at Winged Foot.

In the following years, the club became the playground for the first wave of movie stars, after the golden age of cinema, and today it is still the place where Hollywood and the biggest stars of television like to hang out. David is an avid member of Riviera and has filmed several episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm at the club, which annually hosts The Genesis Invitational from the PGA Tour. Larry gets caught when he comes up with a plan to get him back (more on that in a moment) and the club kicks him out and his best friend Jeff for that.