Which golf clubs should a beginner have in his bag?

When you're just starting out, simplicity is key and we recommend a driver with a large sweet spot, a 3 woods, a hybrid and some mid-range irons like 5.7% 26.Beginners should carry a full set of irons (from seven to nine), as well as a putter. This club selection is considered a standard complete club set and should help you overcome most shots on any course, making sure you are well equipped for any situation. To this day, Joey suggests starting with half a set or two-thirds, starting with 3, 5, 7 and 9 irons and sticks of 3 and 5 woods. Add your putter and driver and you're ready to hit the field.

Beginning golfers should start with a starting set that comes with 11 or 12 golf clubs. These games are complete and include everything you need to start the course. They can be used for short or long shots and, depending on your level of play, you must carry a minimum of four irons in your golf bag. However, the two main types of wedge are the casting wedge (PW) and the sand wedge, and a beginner will definitely want a casting wedge in their golf bag.

If your angle is too flat, your shots will be pushed to the right of your target line (as opposed to left-handed). You'll need to be in professional shape for your clubs to determine your correct positioning angle. However, one of the first peculiarities of golf that beginners quickly learn is that “woods” are not actually made of wood. Each swing has different needs in terms of lofts, therefore, to cater to this, different manufacturers have sometimes created the same numbered club that has different lofts.

As a beginner, you'll experience the greatest frustration with this club, but there's a reason to say “drive for show, putt for dough”. You don't need to carry the full set of clubs, but you should be aware of the options available and any potential improvements you can make to improve your game. You have 12 clubs in this set, which is probably more than you need, but you can take out clubs and add them as you get better, this is a set that can grow with your game. Popular iron sets among novice golfers in this category are COBRA KING LTDX irons, PING G425 irons and TAYLORMADE STEALTH irons.

Beginners will eventually want to graduate to having a 3-wood in their bag, but starting with a 5-wood is a better bet for the following reasons. It will hit the ball shorter than the pitching wedge, but as the name suggests, it is a stick specialized in hitting the ball in the sand that is in the bunkers. Many beginners choose to carry hybrids in their bags instead of long irons because they are much easier to hit. So how many golf clubs does a beginner need? Beginning golfers should aim for 8-10 clubs to start, rather than a full set of 14.You can find sets specifically labeled for beginners that offer 6 to 9 suits, and these are probably the best option for a developing player.