Which stick should I use on a par 3?

Use a 9-iron on a short par 3 of about 130 yards. Iron 9 will help you get the ball out, and that's important because you want the ball to arrive high and soft. If you hit the green high and soft, your shot is much less likely to bounce off the green. Usually, a golfer would wear a medium or short iron off the tee.

This includes most irons, wedges and a putter for the green. A driver is exaggerated and should not be used. Fairway woods can be a versatile club in your golf bag. You can use a street wood from the street or a good lie in the rough.

Some golfers will use a fairway tee timber if they have problems with a driver. Hybrids are a mix of fairway woods and irons, which bring together the best aspects of both. Hybrids are used to replace some of the harder to hit long irons and can replicate the distance of those clubs. Hybrids can also help increase control without losing distance or trajectory.

Both the thickness of the club and the sweeping motion that accompanies a drive do not work well to lift the ball off the ground. There are so many moving parts in the golf swing, such as takeout, backswing, wrist position, downswing and impact, that it can take years to master. Choosing the right club head, characteristics and length can help you find the bottom of the cup when you reach the green. In any case, if you miss the green, instead of breaking your clubs out of frustration, focus and make good use of your chipping skills.

Because of this, some golfers prefer to tee off the tees regardless of the distance of the hole or club being used. If you're looking for a stick that helps you with your approach or helps you play smoothly, you'll want to get an iron out of your bag. Not only is the course shorter, but you don't need all your clubs, making it possible for all golfers to enjoy a ride. In the same amount of time it would take you to hit a big bucket of field balls, you can work on your iron game, your short game and get the satisfaction of making some birdies and pars.

Next time you have a couple of hours and want to relax while you hit some golf strokes, throw a handful of clubs in your Sunday golf bag, call a friend and head to your local par 3 golf course. For optimal consistency and precision, you'll need custom clubs to complement your body and swing. This combination will work for most par 3 golf courses, but you should always research the distance of the holes before heading out. Women's t-shirts are usually closer to the hold to account for differences in strength, meaning women probably need the same sticks as men.

A good checkpoint is that half of the ball “peeks over the crown” after you sell the club in the direction.